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Treatment and healing for individuals affected by addiction


Therapeutic guidance for families of individuals affected by addiction


Education and prevention in the wider community


Message from our Founder

Follow me on the path of unconditional and unlimited love

As God invited Peter, He still invites us today to offer our evangelical love; each according to our talent and to the needs of our community.

One of the scourges of our current times, on a global scale, is the prevalence of addiction. It is a major problem, destroying our families and society. With good will in our heat, we must engage in charitable works according to the needs of our community.

In Sydney, Australia, the providence of God has bestowed upon us the grace to establish White Stone, committed to support, educate, and empower individuals and their families affected by addiction, irrespective of their nationality or religion. We provide high quality programs that include psychological, physical, intellectual, and spiritual interventions.

The name White Stone is built upon the word of God: “Whoever is victorious, I will him a white stone, with a new name written on it, known only to the person who receives it…” (Rev 2:17).

This white stone was given in the Roman courts as a sign of innocence to those who had been sentenced to death. This is what we hope for. We would like the afflicted (and their family) who lives in the prison of addiction, to receive a new life through the salvation of God.

Our families are fervently waiting for the announcement of this good news. Therefore, let us hurry, like our mother Mary did, to serve lovingly, with all that grace and talent that God gave us.

Come, let us accomplish God’s will and worship him with the spirit and with truth! Come, let us love Him in every person who is sick, estranged, or imprisoned. Many addictions cause sickness, hunger, loneliness, estrangement, and detachment. So, let us remember that all we do for one of the least of our brothers, we do for God, Himself (Matthew 25:31-46).

Sister Rose-Therese Tannous
Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family
Founder, White Stone


Sr. Rose Therese Tannous