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Treatment and healing for individuals affected by addiction


Therapeutic guidance for families of individuals affected by addiction


Education and prevention in the wider community


Message from the CHAIR

White Stone Incorporated is a not-for-profit association that began with Sr Rose-Therese Tannous.

It was created in order to help address the growing need to tackle social problems of Drug and Alcohol addictions, as well as gambling, within the Eastern Christian communities.

From its inception, White Stone Inc. provided this invaluable service FREE of charge to anyone who sought its help.

Furthermore, this association and the counselling and rehabilitation work that it undertakes is well-supported by the Maronite Eparchy of Australia.

White Stone Inc. offers a range of FREE services mainly targeting addicts and families whilst combating and targeting addictive behaviours through its student education program.

It was and still is the hope of the White Stone Inc. Board to establish a rehabilitation centre, but this is dependent upon receiving guaranteed government support. This is because funding to support such a centre is beyond the financial capacity of White Stone to do so.

This information brochure has been created with the specific intention of informing our community of the range of services White Stone Inc. provides, the invaluable work that it undertakes and extensive programs that it runs. I kindly ask that you keep the Board, the counsellors, the clients and their families in your prayers.



Daryl Melham AM


White Stone Incorporated

Mr Daryl Melham AM