Recovery Centre


Blessing from Pope Francis

Alleluia! Allelui! Congratulations my beloved addicted people and families! Our offer to purchase the land for White Stone was accepted. We now have to raise one million dollars… so let’s go. Please be ready, you who have the good will… As you can see, last night (11th of December 2013) Fr. Majdi Allawi offered me […]

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Hard at work

Hard at Work Hard at work from 8:00 am on Sunday. Here we are meeting to discuss the next steps towards our Spiritual Recovery Centre… God is Good… no, wait… God is AWESOME! (Left to Right) Emeritus Mayor Tony Maroun; Civil Engineer Samir Bayeh; Beautiful host Lina Hamad; Addiction Intervention Services Chantale Ishac; Maronite Sister […]

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